Ippodo teaAuthors: Heriberto Ruiz Tafoya, Tim Craig, and Piripat Chongstitwattana
Published August 2016.
Length: 15 pages (plus exhibits)

As Director of Corporate Planning at Ippodo, a 300-year old Kyoto tea company, Kenichi Kano has helped bring Ippodo into the 21st century, introducing modern management systems, launching an online store, and taking the first steps toward internationalization. But the challenges of responding to a changing world never end, as the company’ traditional revenue sources weaken, Japan’s population shrinks, and the ever-faster pace of modern life leaves less and less time for enjoying tea.

Ippodo Tea Company introduces readers to the varieties and pleasures of Japanese green tea, and shows how a company in one of Japan’s most traditional industries has changed with the times to remain relevant and thrive by promoting enjoyment of an old product in new ways.

Topics: Japanese tea, Traditional companies, Responding to economic and social change, Changing company culture, International expansion