Coming in 2018 from BlueSky Publishing! At last, a business English textbook that’s engaging and fun, and that does more than simply teach vocabulary!

Taking Care of Business brings business English to life by using a “task-based learning” approach: students create and manage their own “virtual” companies, which become a platform for exercises and activities that systematically teach business concepts, business skills, and business language. The advantages of Taking Care of Business include…

Student Engagement

Learning is highly personalized and taps into student creativity. Students create their own companies and jobs, which reflect and express their individual interests, ideas, and career goals. As managers of their companies, they develop new products or services; create logos, taglines, business cards, and mission statements; network at a trade show; conduct market research, and decide how to price and market their products or services. The may also write and perform TV commercials, hold job interviews, make pitches to investors for financing, and “green” their businesses. All this makes for a lively, student-centered classroom and a learning experience that is highly interactive, practical, and enjoyable for both student and teacher.

Integrated Content

Most business English textbooks are basically language textbooks dressed in business clothing: standard ESL activities that use unrelated or loosely connected business topics as content. Taking Care of Business is a sound language textbook with a good balance of speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities. But it is also built around a compelling storyline—students creating and running their own companies—that provides a strong conceptual framework for the presentation and sequencing of content. This produces a natural recycling and reinforcement of vocabulary, language forms, and business concepts.

Three Pillars: Business Knowledge, Skills, and Language

Working effectively in business requires understanding and application of basic business knowledge (strategy, marketing, accounting, human resource management), business skills (teamwork, networking, selling, presentations), and business language. With Taking Care of Business, students systematically learn and practice all of these.

Taking Care of Business is designed for classroom use at the college or university level, with students of “intermediate” English ability or above.