BlueSky Publishing, launched with Cool Japan: Case Studies from Japan’s Cultural and Creative Industries in 2017, is pleased to announce the release of Earl Cooper’s No Compass Needed: Travel Tales from Asia and the Pacific

“Hop on board and hang on to your hat! Prize-winning photographer and writer of children’s fiction Earl Cooper takes us from the telescopes at the rim of the world atop Hawaii’s Mauna Kea to a meeting with machete-packing aboriginal ladies on the wall around Cambodia’s Angkor Thom, and on adventures to many little-known places in between. Written in fun, down-home prose, these stories combine insightful observations and light-hearted encounters on the road with photographs that are offbeat and eye-opening. No Compass Needed is sure to delight both the armchair traveler and folks with their bags already packed.”

Like Cool Japan, No Compass Needed is available in all Amazon stores, in Kindle or paperback.

Next in the pipeline is Taking Care of Business, a business English textbook by Tim Craig that teaches business language, concepts, and skills by having students create and run their own “virtual” companies (details here).

In addition to books, BlueSky also publishes dissertations, conference proceedings, project reports, and other academic materials. For all our publishing projects, we use the software Pressbooks, which offers a wide variety of professional designs and allows for both digital (ebook) and print publishing.

If you would like to explore the possibility of publishing with BlueSky, please feel free to contact us at